How to update BrightID mobile app to the latest version?
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    First find the version you currently have:
    • Launch BrightID mobile app
    • Look at the bottom right corner of the home screen (see the attached picture)
    • Note: do not look at the mobile OS setting for "App info" like you may normally do for other apps to find the current version
    • It is normal for version displayed in PlayStore/AppStore to be behind the version shown in your BrightID mobile app
    • Most importantly, remember that the version displayed in the BrightID mobile app home screen is the the primary source of truth regarding the version we are concerned with.
    The BrightID version we are concerned with
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    Note that there can be two kinds of updates released by the community from time to time
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      Occasionally there are store releases. If there is one, go to the store(PlayStore/AppStore), find the app in the store, look for "update" button and click on it to update.
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      More often, updates are made incrementally "over the air"(OTA). OTAs are automatic in-app updates. To get them all you have to do is launch the BrightID mobile app from time to time and it will download automatically without visiting the store. If you hear about a new update on our social media, launched the app expecting to get updated, but did not get the version announced immediately, go to the Menu -> Check for Updates.
  • Keep an eye on our Twitter (@BrightIDProject) or Discord for announcements about new updates.
  • If you have setup Social Recovery, make sure to ask your recovery connections to keep their BrightID app up-to-date. This helps prevent Social Recovery problems.
  • If you have setup Device Recovery, make sure to keep your secondary devices up-to-date. This helps prevent Device Recovery problems.