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Unlike other identity verification systems, BrightID does not require or record any personally identifying information from your offline or online life. You do not need to submit your national ID, phone number, date of birth, home address, or biometric data. Nor your email, social media accounts, or blockchain wallets. Here is a post that explains how BrightID is not KYC like the way it is generally known. In many ways, it is an alternative principally opposed to it. All you need is to provide a display picture and a name of your choice, only to facilitate making connections so that people that know you do not get confused. You can even change them at any time as long as your connections recognize you. They are not even recorded in BrightID's network infrastructure. For the sake of your privacy, they are only recorded on your and your close connection's devices and nowhere else on the internet. You share them securely via a peer-to-peer channel when you make connections with your peers and that's it. That means you are as private and secure with regards to your digital identity, as the close connections you make and trust. So, please be careful making connections. There are simply no leakage of your personally identifying information from the infrastructure side as there are none of it there. The project takes privacy very seriously.

Be Oriented

The home screen shows your name and picture. Your BrightID verification status is indicated under your name. In the initial condition when you have not received any verification badges, the status below your name will say 'Verifications: none'.

You can see your connections, achievements and apps. The buttons for making connections are at the bottom. The icons for the menu and notifications are at the top. You will receive notifications for incoming connection requests, group invites, and alert to setup recovery. IMPORTANT: Please make a habit of paying close attention to the notifications and respond accordingly asap. The menu has features like editing your profile, seeing your achievements, checking for updates, and more.

Use the link at the bottom of the screen to join the project's public space managed by the community in our Discord. You can ask questions, get support, and be informed on the status of the project and its ecosystem. Any member of the public is also welcome to become a valued member of the community by contributing, and participating in whatever ways they can along with the existing community. The public good is entirely built, maintained, supported, and stewarded by the community and the public. The BrightDAO is also there for you to participate in the governance of matters concerning the public good and its ecosystem of projects.

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