Finding Seed Groups

BrightID has a “Seed DAO” that grants seed status to groups that represent highly trusted and publicly known communities. Seed groups are listed in the top menu. Selecting a seed group highlights its members in blue and their connections in orange.

Group members and their connections will get listed under the “Group” section of the left menu when a seed group is selected. Seed groups are assigned a quota that defines the number of users they can assign “SeedConnected” verification. Total assigned and remaining amounts are also available in this section.

A sub-graph that is created from only group members and their connections can also be viewed using the “Sub-graph” button. To return back from the sub-graph to the complete graph, the “Reset” button on the top menu can be used.

To find out more statistics about seed groups and their activity, visit “Seed Dashboard” which provides more details in charts and grids.

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