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$BRIGHT Distribution

Max Supply (100 million)

Minting is limited in the token contract to 10 million $BRIGHT per year. An additional lock prevents any minting during the first year beyond the initial minted supply.

Initial Minted Supply (25 million)

BrightDAO (10 million)

This will supply BrightDAO’s initiatives for the upcoming year and beyond. BrightDAO can mint up to 10 million $BRIGHT per year as set forth in “Max Supply”.

Past actions (6.85 million)

Incentives (8.15 million)


Farming (6,700,000)

Stake $BRIGHT/HNY LP in the farm (350,000) , 2 months

Rewards program for providing liquidity to the BRIGHT/HNY pair on Honeyswap and then depositing LP tokens in the farm page.

Stake $BRIGHT/ETH LP in the farm (350,000) , 2 months

Rewards program for providing liquidity to the BRIGHT/ETH pair on Uniswap v3 and then depositing LP tokens in the farm page.

Stake $Subs in the farm (6,000,000) , 24 months

Subs are a crucial part of the BrightID ecosystem. Subs holders are app creators who sponsor their users and pay for BrightID as a public good. We want to reward them with $BRIGHT so they can participate in community initiatives.

Bounties and Hackathons (150,000)

We're setting aside $BRIGHT for developers who contribute to BrightID's open source platform or build on BrightID. This pool can also be used to fund research and security bounties.

BrightID Stars (200,000)

Stars are some of the brightest members of the community. They're responsible for helping on-board new users and supporting the community through our communication channels. We want to reward these members with ongoing $BRIGHT token payments.

BrightID Faucet (250,000)

We want to distribute $BRIGHT to all past members, but also those that join the community after launch. New users will be able to visit the faucet page to claim $BRIGHT based on the in-app achievements they have completed.
  • Make your first connection
  • Link an app to your BrightID
  • Get Sponsored
  • Make your second connection
  • Make your third connection
  • Set a backup password
  • Setup up Social Recovery
  • Attend a Connection Party

RabbitHole Campaign (125,000)

RabbitHole is a platform that incentivizes users to learn about and try new web3 protocols. They are also one of the apps that use BrightID for Sybil resistance. We will set aside $BRIGHT to fund a RabbitHole campaign.

Wrapping $BRIGHT for voting (100,000)

Future Liquidity (475,000)

Decentralized exchanges are evolving quickly. We’re setting aside $BRIGHT for providing liquidity in ways that BrightDAO will determine in the future.

🤖 Moonshot Bots (151,500)

Collectors of moonshot bots fund public goods. BrightDAO will fairdrop moonshot bot holders $BRIGHT in the future to encourage their participation.