Seed Groups

Community integration

The group feature in BrightID represents core members of trusted communities around a niche project bound by common interest, goals, and purposes.

If you are only interested in receiving the Meets verification, skip this section and ignore the Groups feature in the menu.

If you are a core part of a community around a well known and trusted web3 project and you are interested in having members of the public participating in your project receive the Meets verification through your own community, read on. Worth mentioning here:

  • If your project has a web3 app and you want to integrate BrightID to allow fair access to your app, check out the app integration documentation. You may also reach out to BrightID project's community in our public space in Discord for integration support.

  • If your web3 project and community also has a public space in discord, consider using BrightID unique bot for Discord to fortify your public space against bots, scammers and spammers causing havoc in your public space using multiple discord accounts.

So, to try to scale the Meets verification, there has always been a simple but permissioned mechanism for there to be hosts embedded in various communities besides BrightID's own community.

The feature gives core members the ability to be trusted agents to have other members of the public participating in their project's goods and services receive the Meets verification in their own community rather than sending them to BrightID community. In other words, the core members receives the "Seed status" just like the hosts in BrightID project community. However, this ability is permissioned and only given if the group has been trusted, oriented, trained, and approved as BrightID Seed Group by the SeedDAO. SeedDAO members consists of BrightID project initiators and experienced hosts. They are the custodians of this mechanism to ensure the community groups are responsible in the use of the power to help the public receive the Meets verification. All BrightID hosts conducting connection parties have "Seed" status in exactly the same way and belong to BrightID community's seed groups for select languages.

Creating a group

  1. Open the side menu on your home screen and select 'Groups.'

  2. Select the 'Create Group' button.

  3. Add group photo and name.

  4. Select the group members from your connection list and select the 'Create Group' button to finalize the process.


Please take careful note that Seed group groups are different and independent from Connection Type: Group code found in Home screen -> My Code -> Connection Type toggle. That group code is only to facilitate making several connections at once rather than doing it individually multiple times. This independent feature however, is used by hosts to make connections with multiple members of the public at connection parties.

Activate your group into a seed group

After creating your group, you can apply for the Seed Group Nomination by filling out the Seed Group Nomination Form. The SeedDAO members will then assess the application and contact you for further assessments.

After the SeedDAO approves your community's group:

  • The members of the group receives "Seed status". It shows up as badge labeled "Seed" in their BrightID app under their profile name.

  • Any group member with "Seed" badge, can now make "Just Met" connections with members of the public for the public to receive the Meets verification.

Tips: To smoothen the seed group nomination application process, it is suggested that you contact BrightID community on the project's public space in Discord to introduce your community and follow up about the application process.

Seed group responsibilities

To receive verification, members of the public outside the group do not need to join the seed group. They only have to make at least a "Just met" connection to a group member who now has the "Seed status". Such connection making can happen at an event like the BrightID connection parties or real life meetups.


Reporting is done by using the "Remove this connection" button in "Connections" > "Connection details" which brings up the profile screen of the subject.

  • When a "Seed status" holder reports someone in their connections list, the BrightID holder loses the Meets verification, unless 4 other "Seed status" holders connect to the holder as just met.

  • Being reported by a "Seed status" holder has 3 negative score and having connection with a "Seed status" holder has 1 positive score.

  • BrightID holder's score should be greater than zero for them to receive the Meets verification.

  • Flagging a holder as "suspicious" has no negative score, and if the "Seed status" holder intends to prevent the issuance of the Meets verification by the protocol, even though they already made a connection, the "Seed status" holder should "report" that connection instead.

Reporting is useful in these scenarios:

  • When somebody loses their BrightID without having setup recovery, they need to report details of their old BrightID to a "Seed status" holder so it can be invalidated before them receiving a new one.

  • Somebody attends multiple meetings with different hosts with intention to create multiple BrightIDs, so all their BrightIDs(but one) need to be invalidated.

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