IDChain ( is a proof-of-authority blockchain where validators are democratically elected by BrightID-verified unique humans.


  • Short block intervals.

  • Every verified unique human gets a lifetime supply (average) of gas.

  • Validators (the proof-of-authority equivalent to miners) can be democratically elected.

  • Validators get paid a modest salary by BrightID Main DAO.

  • Gas fees are burned.

What can I do with IDChain?

Launch a cheap Aragon DAO

BrightID and IDChain itself use DAOs on IDChain for governance. You can start making Aragon DAOs at with your lifetime supply of Eidi.

Move DAI between Mainnet and IDChain

We’ve implemented the excellent bridge from PoA to create a way to move DAI stablecoin between Mainnet and IDChain. The bridge is at


Eidi is the native gas token on IDChain (similar to Ether on Ethereum). The lifetime supply is designated by validators to match what they believe an average user will spend on transaction fees. If a user spends more, they need to buy Eidi from a user that spends less.

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