Finding More About Users

Details about users can be seen by clicking on their nodes and selecting them. A user can also be found and selected by searching its BrightID in the top menu. Clicking on the background unselects nodes.

Selecting a node highlights it along with its links and neighbors. A panel will also open on the left side when a node is selected that shows different information about the corresponding user including its BrightID, the creation time, list of achieved verifications, list of connections with details about level, time, and history of them, and list of groups.

For each connection under the “Connections” combo box, you can find some useful information. The first item is BrightID of the connection or its name if it’s available. There is a “*” in front of connections that are seeds. The second and third items indicate connection levels from the selected node to the connection and from the connection to the selected node respectively. “R”, “A”, “J” and “S” represent “Recovery”, “Already known”, “Just met” and “Suspicious” respectively, and “Reported” has no abbreviation. The last items are times of connections in the same order as levels. There is a single time if both sides of the connection are created at the same time.

Users can make connections several times in BrightID. A new connection is also created when users update the levels of their connections. The history of connections can be found under the “Connection History” combo box. The second item of each row is “in” for inbound connections of the selected user and “out” for outbound connections.

There is also a “Connections” table that provides statistics about the number of connections that selected user has with different levels.

What are “Filtered” connections?

“Already known” or “Recovery” connections that are made in BrightID meets are filtered if they had no history before the meet because users generally do not “already know” others they “just met” in meets. If a connection is wrongly filtered and users already know each other, they can remove the filter by making a mutual connection to each other after the meet.

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