Bitu Verification

Bitu verification verifies users based on their location in the BrightID graph. Users should do certain things to move closer to the main regions of the graph and avoid doing what pushes them away from these regions.

There are three levels of connection in BrightID that show how well a person knows the others they make connections with: already known, just met, and suspicious. Choosing the right connection level when making a connection is very important in Bitu.

To be verified, you need to be located in the main regions of the graph. As the graph is drawn only based on "Already known" connections, so you need to make “Already known” connections with your friends and family who are already placed in the main regions. Note that you must never make an “Already known” connection with someone you do not know because the person may be an attacker, and their expulsion from the main regions of the graph will cause you to be pushed away from the main regions.

Bitu assigns a score to users that increases by one every time they make an “Already known” connection to friends or family who are verified in Bitu. Different apps may require different scores to consider users as verified.

Bitu also penalizes users that make “Already known” connections to strangers. Users get five negative points when they get reported or are selected as “Suspicious” by others that they made “Already known” connections with. Users also get one negative point when their friends or family with who they have “Already known” connections get penalized. This indirect penalization encourages users to take care of their friends and family’s activity.

To prevent being penalized, don't forget to review your connections list as soon as possible and ensure that levels are selected properly for all connections, and update the level if you find an “Already known” connection to someone you just met in connection parties and you do not already know.

Your Bitu score and list of connections that penalized you directly/indirectly can be found in the “Bitu verification” screen under the “Achievements” list. There is also a Bitu verification sticker that will appear under your name on the home screen when you get verified in Bitu. You can also find out which of your connections are verified in Bitu by checking if they have that sticker under the names of your connections in their profile screen.

You can find out more technical details about Bitu verification here.

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