SUBS Staking

When handling SUBS tokens keep in mind that this is a token with 0 decimals.

The SUBS token contract address on Ethereum mainnet is deployed at 0x61CEAc48136d6782DBD83c09f51E23514D12470a.


SUBS can be obtained via uniswap at

Stake SUBS

Click the “+” icon to start staking SUBS. Enter the amount you want to stake and click “Confirm”. When staking for the first time, you will first be prompted to approve the SUBS token.

To unstake, click on the “-” icon and select the amount to withdraw. You can also choose to withdraw 100% of your subs and get the $BRIGHT reward at the same time.

Harvest $BRIGHT

You can harvest your reward anytime by clicking on the “Harvest” button. This will transfer all accumulated rewards to your wallet while keeping your SUBS staked.

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