Your digital identity is priceless! Secure your BrightID now!

The password is NOT Recovery

The password you set on your profile screen is NOT your recovery. Do NOT rely on it.

BrightID is NOT a blockchain wallet

There is also no seed phrase. BrightID is NOT a blockchain wallet. It is your digital identity to privately assert your uniqueness when fairly accessing web3 properties. As such it does not hold anything of monetary value like the way wallets do. Nevertheless, your digital identity is priceless in a different way.

You cannot recover if you do not setup recovery first.

So, please set it up as soon as you can, especially if you have already received a verification or tried to connect to an app.

One or both of the following two procedures can be used to setup and recover, or move your BrightID to a new phone.

  1. Social Recovery is a great way to recover/move if you have three or more close family, friend, colleague, or community kinship who would not mind being your recovery connection. It can be quite effective:

    • It is not necessary for your recovery connections to have any verification.

    • It does not cost an extra phone (unlike device recovery).

    • You can recover or move to new phone even if your old phone became unusable, got lost, or stolen. Unlike device recovery, no need to have the old phone with BrightID around when recovering to new one.

    To set it up follow -> Social Recovery

  2. Device Recovery is a great way to move or import your BrightID to a new phone while you still have the old phone with functioning BrightID - without the need for any recovery connections.

    • It is also a great way to keep backup of your BrightID if you own multiple phones.

    To set it up follow -> Device Recovery

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