Update recovery connections

Add or update recovery connections

Making connections in general is described in detail in "Making Connections" section.

Social life is such that our close relationships changes from time to time. Healthy relationships of interdependence usually lasts longer but situations can change as life moves on. The nature of trust is also such that only the people we trust can betray us. However, not trusting anybody just because of the fear of betrayal is not a healthy way for a social being to live their life. Considering these, it is important to be able to curate and update our trusted connections. When relationships do change, in BrightID we can change our recovery connections. By:

  1. Adding another connection, Or

  2. Changing the connection level of an existing connection.

The Cool-down period

For your security, changes to recovery connections will take effect only after seven days. The period is called the cool-down period, and it helps if someone deliberately steals your mobile phone to steal your BrightID by changing your recovery connections. It allows you to recover your BrightID to a new mobile phone before they do. As will be mentioned again in the recovery process in the next section, for security, BrightID on the stolen or old mobile phone automatically becomes invalidated and useless when you recover to a new phone.

Adding recovery connection

  1. Go to "Menu" on your BrightID app's home screen.

  2. Select "Recovery Connections".

  3. Select "Add more recovery connections" link at the bottom.

  4. Choose the additional recovery connection from the eligible connection list.

    • Only people you have made connection mutually as "Already Know" are filtered in this list and shown to be suitable for recovery connection. Connections below this level do not show up there.

  5. Click the "Add" button to confirm your selection.

Remove or downgrade your existing recovery connection

  1. Go to "Menu" on your BrightID app's home screen.

  2. Select "Recovery Connections".

  3. Select the blue pencil icon next to the recovery connection you want to remove or downgrade.

  4. Change that connection level from "Recovery" to "Already Know" or any other connection level below that depending upon the changes in trust you feel about the person.

  5. Click the "Save" button to confirm the change you made.

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