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Enjoy fair and baseline rights of access to web3 properties

The Internet of value

Web3 is often described as the internet of value flow compared to the internet up till now being the internet of information flow. Web3 properties on the internet, more often than not have some form of tokenized and tangible value to guard against unfair access. That is where BrightID's value lies. There is much more at stake in web3, and BrightID helps these properties, which are accessible as internet applications to all internet citizens worldwide, guard themselves against unfair access. Just as much as the members of the worldwide public, the internet citizens, need to have fair access to web3 properties like quadratic funding projects such as Gitcoin and; Universal dividends disbursal projects like Unitap; And UBI projects like Manna; These projects also need to ensure that the public is accessing the goods and services they make available, fairly. They need to ensure that the value they make available is not abused and undermined using multiple accounts. Else, they would not function well or sustain.


Once you receive verifications on your BrightID, you can connect your BrightID to an app so that they can check what verifications you have and allow fair and baseline rights of access by:

  • Scanning a QR code or using a link that is presented by the app.

  • This will automatically open the apps screen on your BrightID and ask for your confirmation.

  • The app will also recognize your BrightID after you confirm.

For the sake of your privacy, none of your personally identifying information like name, profile picture, and your connection data is shared with the apps. They will only be able to tell whether you have the verification they are seeking, and that is enough. In that way, BrightID is not KYC like the way it is generally known.


You need to have your BrightID sponsored once and only once by at least one app for it to be functional across all apps. So most apps, if it is the first app you connect with your BrightID, will also sponsor you in the background.

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