Set it up!

Setup Social Recovery as soon as you receive a verification or earlier

Before you start, connect to at least three people that know, care, and trust you personally, just as well as you know them. Have them install BrightID if needed.

  • As mentioned in the introduction, they do not necessarily have to receive any verifications if they do not want to right now.

For recovery, two types of information is secured, the first being the most essential, and second optional.

  1. BrightID private key It is secured through a secret sharing mechanism with your recovery connections. This is the main and the most important information that is recovered by social recovery.

  2. Profile data(optional) Your and your connection's names and photos is secured by password and stored peer-to-peer with your contacts locally in mobile phones of everybody you are connected to. Your recovered BrightID can still be functional even if the profile data could not be retrieved during recovery as long as the private key was recovered successfully.

1) Securing BrightID private key

Step 1. Go to Menu on your BrightID app's home screen.

Step 2. Select "Recovery Connections".

Listen and follow alerts about recovery

If you are new to BrightID, and since Social Recovery is so important, you will continually receive an alert to set it up until it is done. You can also tap the alert message to get to the recovery connections screen.

Step 3. Choose your recovery connections from the eligible connection list. The app will show you the list of eligible people for your recovery connection.

The recovery connection eligibility

Again, recovery connections are picked from close connections you make, and are meant to help you recover your BrightID. Be careful who you choose because they can take over your BrightID if two of them decide to cooperate against you. The eligibility criteria for someone to be your recovery connection is that the person should have marked you as 'Already Known,' and you have marked them as 'Already Known' as well. Please be sincere about it. Dishonesty could lead you to lose your BrightID.

Step 4. Click the 'Add' button to confirm your selection.

2) Securing Profile data

Set up a password to encrypt and back up profile data consisting of your name and photo and the names and photos of your connections. You can view or change this password from your profile screen, accessible from the Menu. Even though it is less essential than securing the private key, take measures to secure it; Write it down and keep it safe so you can remember it when needed.

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