User Tutorial

Create your BrightID and get verified

Create Your BrightID

Download the app

Apple App Store

Google PlayStore

Launch the app. After the welcome message

  • Provide a picture.

  • Provide a name.

  • Click on 'Create My BrightID'.

Use whatever picture or name you like. You could change them at any time.

Your name and picture are never stored on any server. They are only saved on your own device and shared P2P when you make connections. No personal data is attached to your BrightID.

Making Connections

To make a connection, you can either use:

  • 'My Code' to have your friends scan your QR code. You can make 1to1 or group connections. Use the toggle button on top to switch the QR code type.

  • 'Scan a Code' to scan your friends' QR code.

The best place to make connections is a BrightID verification party. See the list of all verification parties here. You could also make connections in your own community; specially if there are folks there who are already verified.

Creating Groups

Groups work as signals to show how you have made connections in a meeting or a verification party. Go to 'Groups' and click on 'Create Group'.

  • Provide a name

  • Provide a picture

  • Select two connection as the other administrators of the group.

  • Click on 'Create Group'

The two connections you add to the group receive a notification on their BrightID app and you will need to wait for them to accept.

Once they accept, you successfully create a group. You and the other two administrators can then add other members to the group.

BrightID verifications are processed every 20 minutes.

Making connections with BrightID users that are already verified is the quickest way to get verified.

Backup Your BrightID

You will be notified to create your social recovery once you have at least 3 connections and get verified by BrightID.

You will be asked to select 3 or more of your most trusted connections and set a password. If you lose your BrightID for any reason you could always restore your BrightID by making connections to 2 of your selected trusted connections and re-entring your password. Read more about the social recovery in this article.