Finding Your Node
To find your node in the BrightID graph, you need to log in to the explorer using your “Explorer code” and backup password.
Your Explorer code can be found under the home screen menu in the mobile app.
Your backup password is the password you chose while creating your BrightID and is used to encrypt the names and photos of your connections. If you forget your backup password, it can be found under the “Edit Profile” section of the home menu.
When you log in to the explorer, your node gets selected automatically and the view of the graph zooms on your node. Your own and your connections’ photos are shown on corresponding graph nodes. You can also find the names of your connections in the top menu and select them to find their locations in the graph and their detailed information in the left menu.
How can the explorer access my private information?
Your name and photo and your connections’ names and photos are encrypted using your backup password. When you share your backup password with the explorer, it can decrypt that information and show it to you on the explorer.
The explorer is a client-side-only web application. It doesn’t send your backup password to any server and only uses it on the client side to decrypt your backup data and show names and photos of you and your connections.
Storing encrypted private information on the BrightID backup server was an optional short-term simple backup solution that will be replaced by a personal cloud storage-based backup service soon. Sharing private information with the client-side explorer service will also be done peer-to-peer soon.
Last modified 30d ago
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