Using Social Recovery to recover your BrightID

Make sure your recovery connection's BrightID is up-to-date

Do not proceed further before reading this alert completely and acting on it. Before starting recovery, make sure your recovery connections have the same version of BrightID as your freshly installed one.

  • If, for some reason, after updating their BrightID, your recovery connections get an error saying their signing keys are invalid/incorrect, then you cannot recover.

  • It is very important for you and your recovery connections to keep your BrightID mobile app healthy and keep it up-to-date. Follow us on Twitter at @BrightIDProject, so you do not miss these important announcements.

  • Proceed further only if both of your recovery connection's BrightIDs are up-to-date and error free.

Step 1. Install BrightId on your new mobile phone. Select the “Recover” button on the screen.

Step 2. The app will present a QR code and a link. Share the QR code to two of your recovery connections or copy the link to share with them.

Step 3. On your recovery connection friend side, after they scan your QR code or after they clicked the link you shared, your friend will see a filtered list of BrightIDs from your connection list. They must carefully identify you and correctly select your BrightID as the BrightID they are helping to recover.

You will be notified every time one of them scans the code or uses the link.

Step 4. Once two of your recovery connections finish Step 3, the app will start downloading your data from your recovery connections. A green check mark will indicate that the downloading process is done.

Step 5. Enter your password to restore the profile data.

Recovery is much smoother if you remember the password, but if you do not remember it, you may skip it. As mentioned earlier, it is not as essential as recovering your private key for your recovered BrightID to be functional.

Once all steps are done, you will be taken to your BrightID home screen. Congratulations!

Stolen BrightID gets invalidated upon successful recovery

When you recover, BrightID in your old phone becomes invalidated and useless if you or someone still has it. If you still have the old phone, it is safe to uninstall BrightID from it.

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