Creating Groups

Presenting your communities
The communities you belong to are also a part of your identity and can help your verification on BrightID. The groups represent communities on BrightID.
The Group feature in BrightID gives BrightID users the ability to be trusted agents to verify other BrightID users in their community. In other words, they receive a "Seed" Verification. However, this ability will only be given to the group's member if the group has been approved as BrightID Seed Group, and the group member will be called 'Seed Group Member'.

How to create a group?

Step 1. Open the side menu on your home screen and select 'Groups.'
Step 2. Select the 'Create Group' button.
Step 3. Add group photo and name.
Step 4. Select the group members from your connection list and select the 'Create Group' button to finalize the process.
🎉 you got your group added to the graph.
How to create group

How to turn your group into a seed group?

After creating your group, you can apply for the Seed Group Nomination by filling out this form BrightID Seed Group Nomination Form.
BrightID team will assess the application and will contact you for further assessment. After BrightID approves the application, a group member can give 'Meet' verification to other users.
To get verified, people don't need to join the group; they only have to connect to a group member.
Tips: To smoothen the application process, we suggest you contact our team on Discord to introduce your community and follow up about the application process.
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