Social Recovery

Never lose your BrightID

Social recovery helps you recover your BrightID if you lose it or want to move it to another device.

How to set up your social recovery


Connect to at least three people that you really trust. If they don't have BrightID yet, have them install it. Then find them in your connections list and make sure the "Connection Level" is set to "Recovery."

You may also receive a notification. Tap on the notification to select three or more recovery connections.

Recovery connections will help you recover your BrightID. Be very careful whom you choose as your recovery connections because they can take over your account if two of them collude with each other.

You will then enter a password to encrypt and backup the names and photos from your connection list. You can view or change this password from your profile screen accessible from the main menu.


To recover, use the “recover your BrightID” button on the screen you see when you first open the BrightID app after installing. Show the recovery QR code to two of your recovery connections or share it with them as a link. Your friends will then see a list and select you as the user they are helping to recover.

You will be notified every time one of them scans the code or uses the link. Once two of your recovery connections do this, a new screen will ask you to enter your password. That will initiate the restoration of your information.

Updating recovery connections

You can change a recovery connection by changing the connection level in their profile accessible from the connections list. For your security, changes will take effect after a week.

How to change the connection level