Getting Started
Unlike other ID verification tools, BrightID requires no ID number, date of birth, or proof of address. All you need to provide is a picture and a name of your choice to facilitate making connections and other activities. You can even change them at any time.
Your name and picture are saved only on your own device and nowhere else on the internet. You share them securely via a p2p channel when you make connections with your friends.
The home screen shows your name and picture. Your BrightID verification status is indicated under your name. You will see the number of applications you're verified for. In a condition when you're not verified for any application, the status bar will said 'unverified'. A badge appears next to your name when you get verified.
You can see your connections, groups and apps. The buttons for making connections are on the bottom. The icons for the menu and notifications are on top. You might receive notifications for incoming connection requests, group invites, etc. The menu has features like editing your profile, seeing your achievements, checking for updates, and more.
Use the link on the bottom of the screen to join the BrightID community, ask questions and get support.
Last modified 3mo ago
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