Connection Levels

Making the right choice
The connections you receive on BrightID can be from different types of people. They might be from people you already know, or others you have just met. There might also be connections from suspicious people.
If you have had mutual interactions in the real world and/or on the internet, select them as an “already known” connection. And If you get to know someone just for using BrightID and/or its integrated applications, choose “just met”. Connections from people other than those described above are considered “suspicious” and you will have the chance to report or ignore them later.
Selecting the correct connection level is critical when you make a connection to each person. Your selections help algorithms detect fake accounts with a higher chance of success. Many verification algorithms rely on your connections to people you already know more than those that are to strangers you have just met.
Making connections to your family and friends helps you get verified easier than other connection levels, but never select already known for people you don’t know or have just met because that might compromise your verification process.
Some algorithms might take it as a bad signal if your already known connections consider you as someone they have just met or a suspicious connection. Your already known connections’ bad behaviour might also negatively impact your verification.