The fairdrop is only open to you if you made your first connection before Sep 18th 8:00 A.M. Pacific. Please look at other ways to get $BRIGHT.

You may be eligible to claim $BRIGHT from the fairdrop page if you:

🔆 Held or used BrightID tokens (before Mar 10)

  • Held or activated Subs tokens.
  • Used Sp tokens to sponsor others.
  • Purchased Sp from BrightID dashboard.

🔆 Used BrightID (before Sep 18 8:00 a.m. Pacific)‌

  • Completed achievements in the BrightID app. (See below.)
    • Tried apps.
      • The more apps, the more $BRIGHT you receive.
      • Eligible apps: Rarecoin, Figment Learn, IDChain, TheEther, Discord Unique Bot
    • Received the "verified" role on any discord server.
    • Set up social recovery

🔆 Used RabbitHole (before Jun 15)

  • The higher the XP, the more $BRIGHT you receive.

🔆 Set up Trust Bonus on Gitcoin (rounds 7-9)

  • Set up your Trust Bonus, and donated to any Gitcoin grant.
  • Had a grant on Gitcoin that got extra matching from the Trust Bonus.

🔆 Used (up to round 7)

  • Donated to grants.
  • Had a grant on

🔆 Shared code or suggestions (before Jun 15)

  • Created issues.
  • Contributed code.
  • Created a project that uses BrightID.
  • Commented on documents / articles / forum.
  • Made suggestions on BrightID colony.

🔆 Came to a Community Call / AMA (before Jun 10 -- AMA #23)

🔆 Participated in Ethereum communities

Average $BRIGHT earned for past activities

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