Eligible recipients can claim $BRIGHT from the official fairdrop site starting Sept 16th, 2021.
The fairdrop is made up of multiple claim periods. Most users will link their BrightID to $BRIGHT in one claim period and then see how much their reward is and claim it in the next claim period.
Any unclaimed amount carries over to the next claim period. If you already claimed everything after linking your BrightID, you're done and future claim periods will show nothing to claim.


1. Enter your Ethereum address.

You will see one of three responses.
A. X amount of $BRIGHT claimable on Mainnet
You can claim the $BRIGHT on the Mainnet right away. You also have the option to claim it on the XDai chain on the next claim period. In that case, you'll have to wait until the next claim period to be able to claim your $BRIGHT on the XDai chain.
B. X amount of $BRIGHT has been claimed on Mainnet
$BRIGHT has been claimed for that address and it is no longer available.
C. There’s no $BRIGHT to claim for your address
This means you might receive $BRIGHT after connecting your BrightID to your Ethereum address. It will take until the next claim period for the system to update the claimable amount of $BRIGHT after you link your BrightID.

2. Connect your wallet to let you change the chain and connect your BrightID.

Both the step to change the chain and connect your BrightID require you to connect your wallet to verify that the address belongs to you.

3. Change your preferred chain to receive $BRIGHT

The initial fairdrop will be sent to Mainnet, but everyone has the option to claim their $BRIGHT on the XDai chain. Changing your payout network (Mainnet to XDai or the other way around) will take effect in the next claim period. (See the timeline.)
To change your preferred chain please follow these steps.
Step 1. Connect your wallet
Step 2. Go to Claim on XDai link on the left bottom of the page.
Step 3. Go to the chain setting, and switch to XDai (or back to Mainnet).
Step 4. Wait for the next claim period to claim on your selected chain.
On the top section of the page, you can see the countdown to the next claim period to give you an estimation on when you should come back to the fairdrop page to claim your $BRIGHT.
Connecting your BrightID may allow you to earn more $BRIGHT if you meet one or more of the requirements mentioned on the eligibility list. Follow the steps below to connect your BrightID to your address.
Step 1. Connect your wallet
Step 2. Go to the "Link your BrightID to get more $BRIGHT" link on the left bottom of the page.
Step 3. Select the "Link BrightID" button.
Step 4. Scan the QR code with the QR code scanner on your BrightID app. If you access the fairdrop page from your mobile device, you can click on "click this link" to connect it directly to your BrightID.
After successfully linking your BrightID, you will only be able to see how much more $BRIGHT you're eligible to receive at the start of the next claim period.