Bounty Program

Did you know you can earn money for making a suggestion to BrightID?

The BrightID team offers rewards for coders, communicators, content creators and designers who make small contributions to BrightID. To foster a more inclusive community of developers and contributors for BrightID as a public good, we are expanding our development ecosystem and putting our issues and tasks out for potential contributors everywhere.

All of our tasks and issues will be mirrored on various platforms so that developers and contributors can get notified about and paid for their contributions. Tasks and issues that are important for BrightID, our preferred platforms and the payment specifications are sketched out below.

1 - Tasks and Issues

Most bounties proposed by BrightID include

  • Development work

  • Community building

  • Instructional articles & videos

2 - Platforms

2-1 Colony

Getting Paid for Suggestions

You can make suggestions regarding bugs or improvements you find useful on our Colony page. All accepted suggestions (voted in by team members) can get paid 3 subs and will then be turned into tasks. It is mandatory for you to join BrightID’s community on Colony page by connecting your Metamask wallet in order to get paid.

Getting Paid for Tasks

Tasks on Colony will be mirrored on Github if they do not already exist there as issues. Users who propose to work on Colony tasks will be contacted to be guided on their work by the team developers.

2-2 Github

All the progress in BrightID can be traced on The issues that are assigned with bounties are highlighted by the keyword “Bounty” in their titles and can be easily found by searching. The number of subs that will be paid for doing them is also mentioned. The payment amount is related to their estimated effort level.

2-3 Gitcoin

The issues that are put as bounties will be mirrored on once Gitcoin lists BrightID subs as one of the tokens for payment. Developers and contributors that propose to work on bounties will be guided by team developers.

2-4 Bounties Network

Bounties network will also host the issues that are offered as bounties. Payments will be in subs as on the other platforms. Developers and contributors that propose to work on bounties will be guided by team developers.

3 - Payments


The payments for bounties will be with BrightID subscription tokens early on. The subs are currently pegged to 1 dollar each. But as described in the whitepaper, subs will create sponsorships gradually and turn into about 252 sponsorships in a matter of 6 years. Read more about subscriptions here.