Having multiple teams provides resilience to Aura. If one team becomes flawed, other teams can take its place without disruption to verification.

Creation and management

A team of sybil defenders can create a team after paying a fee to prevent spam, and selecting at least one captain.

Team captains select themselves. It takes a two-thirds majority vote to add or remove a team captain. Team captains then pass on energy to other Aura players by allocating it to them in Aura.

Energy flavors

Each team has its own energy flavor, and its flow is independently calculated.

Each new player starts with one energy slot allowing them to accept one energy flavor of their choice. (This choice can be changed later.) Additional slots may be purchased by a player or a team on behalf of a player to allow them use more than one energy flavor at the same time.

Team competition

Apps choose verification levels appropriate for their need. Verification levels in turn include one or more energy flavors in their analysis. Any person or app is free to create their own verification levels with any mix of energy flavors and score thresholds.

Teams (and their flavors) therefore compete with each other for usage by players and apps. Teams can adopt unique strategies and goals to provide alternatives to apps. They can cut off energy to players that deviate from their stated goals.

Rewarding Aura Players

Each team has a reward address to which anyone can send tokens to be distributed to players proportionally to the amount of that team's energy they hold. This provides an easy way for apps to pay for effective sybil protection by Aura players.

App creators can sponsor the best players by adding rewards to a high quality team that factors into the verification levels they use.

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