Step 1: Go to And connect your wallet (e.g. Metamask).
Step 2: Once your account is created, find interesting projects that you want to contribute to.
Step 3: Set up the amount of contribution you want to make.
Step 4: Click the green text to start the linking process of your Clr.Fund account to your BrightID.
A QR code will pop up.
Step 5: Click the link to open your BrightID app and link your BrightID to Clr.Fund.
...or open your BrightID app and open your QR code scanner. Scan the QR code provided by Clr.Fund.
Step 6: Confirm the connection on your BrightID app.
Now you're linked and verified to start contributing to cool projects...
...but before that, you need to wrap your XDAI to be WXDAI to be able to process the transactions.
💪 Good luck!!!