Linking Apps

Enjoying the benefits of your unique identity
Apps use BrightID to keep fake accounts out and make sure that you get the most out of your unique identity. First, you need to be verified for each app in order to start using it.
Once you are verified for each app, you can link it to your BrightID by scanning a QR code or using a link that is provided on that app’s page. This will automatically open the apps page on BrightID and ask for your confirmation. The app will also recognize your BrightID after you confirm. None of your information whatsoever will be shared with apps. They will only get informed whether you are verified for using them.
You need to have your BrightID sponsored once by one app in order to use all apps for lifetime. If the app you want to use does not provide sponsorships, try getting your BrightID sponsored by another app first.
Step 1: Go to App Page and click the website link of the applications you want to be linked to.
Step 2: Create an account on the chosen application.
Additional note: Some applications require the user to download the application to create an account.
Once your account is connected, you will be asked to verify your account with BrightID.
Step 3: Launch your BrightID application and click 'Scan a Code'
Step 4: Scan the barcode on your screen.
Step 5: Confirm the connection on your BrightID application.
Step 6: Wait for the chosen application to be linked to your BrightID in seconds.
🎊 Congratulations! Now your BrightID is linked to the application. It's time to enjoy the perks given by the applications for your verified account.